About Us

Say hey to Heyboy! Your one-stop shop for Gay original design apparel, accessories, artwork, home goods, gifts and more.

Not your usual bag of dicks. 

The idea for an all things gay – really gay – e-commerce site was born one night when four friends got together at a neighborhood NYC gay bar. One friend walked in with a handmade bag he designed with a dick pattern and everybody loved it... because who doesn't love a bag of dicks? We started talking about how amazing it would be to start a design-driven business that catered to the LGBTQ community. We envisioned creating products with a unique aesthetic, a style that was both playful and provocative. With our diverse backgrounds in fashion, marketing, illustration and art direction, we felt we could offer something completely different. So it all started with a bag of dicks. And from there, the idea grew and grew (so to speak).

From dicks and sluts to daddy bears and everything in between, we’re serving up original artwork collections that let you express how gay you really are. On tee shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, luggage tags, and more. 

So just how gay are you? Whatever you’re into, you’ll find a unique way to let everyone know on Heyboy.com 

Heyboy. Gay by design.