Heyboy's exploding with PRIDE and we had to share it! Featured here is some of our favorite LGBTQ imagery, past and present, in no particular order. It's our history... it's our inspiration! 

Images are a mix of personal pics and images from our extensive LGBTQ book/magazine collection. 

Come Out! - Gay Liberation 1970 poster (first pride parade)
Black Trans Lives Matter protest - Christopher Street NYC, June 2 2020 / photograph by us
Lady Bunny - photograph by Miss Guy for Pansy Beat
1949, Ernest Stone and Robert Bright - photograph by Minor White
Tom Bianchi, Fire Island Pines, polaroids 1975 -1983 / Damiani books 2013
Jamal Shabazz, The Last Sunday in June / Powerhouse books 2003
Butt Magazine 1st issue / 2001
World Pride New York City 2019 / photograph by us
Aperture magazine #218 cover / Spring 2015
Pride Inside t-shirt from our Pride Shop / Heyboy.com
ACT UP protester / Gay Day, Washington DC 1987
Aunt Georgie / Illustration by George Plank, 1916
West Hollywood / Illustration by Rob Blackard of Heyboy
Honcho ad / Mandate magazine, May 1988
Dial-A-Man phone sex ad / Torso magazine, March 1987
Rainbow Flag / Hand dyed and sewn by Gilbert Baker
Happy Rainbow dad hat / Heyboy.com 
Abdullah and Sergeant Adams / Alex Donis 2001
A Castro Street Scene / Crawford Barton 1977
Gay Semiotics / Hal Fischer 1977
Pier 51 "Double Deck" / Shelley Seecom 1978
Arpad Miklos / Butt magazine #24, 2008
Gay Buttons 1970's & 1980's
Casanova, Enzo Junior / Pierre et Gilles 1995
Tom of Finland illustration / Malebox 1981
Keith Haring paints Grace Jones / Paradise Garage mid-1980's
"Dicks" muscle t-shirt, inspired by Keith Haring's artwork / Heyboy.com
Salt Lake City Gays / Utah, early-1990's
"Butch Queen" plate / Pansy Ass Ceramics
Javier Figueroa / Pansy Beat 1990
Rupaul at Pyramid Club / 1992
Prada, Via della Spiga, Milano / John Lovett and Alessandro Codagnone 1977
Chance Meeting / Duane Michaels 1970
Two Men / Richard Bruce Nugent 1930's
Jamal Shabazz, The Last Sunday in June / Powerhouse books 2003
Seeking After The Fully Grown Dancer / Paul Maheke 2016
Tina Montana getting 10's across the board / Red Zone Club 1990
Horse Meat Disco III  (the modern day masters of disco)
The Saint invitation / 1980
Patricia Fields NYC ad / Pansy Beat
Labry’s bookshop iconic Future is Female t-shirt 1970’s
T-Shirts made for Christopher Street West (L.A.) parade 1976
Memorial Day / Fire Island 2018
Celebrations at Stonewall after resisting arrest / June 28 1969
Marsha P. Johnson, New York City, October 5 1970
White House, June 2016