Home is where the Homo is... especially this year! With so many workplaces, bars & clubs closed, we've all been spending a lot more time at home. So, why not make your place a little gayer while you hang at home? In this photoblog, you'll see how a few Heyboy friends/clients brought a little more homo into the home with Heyboy. We hope you get some good ideas, click on any image to check out our home + gifts.

Heyboy, Gay by Design

Briefs Print / Jordan - Greenwich Village, NYC

Dicks Black Print / Jim - Fire Island, NY

Human Towel / Luke - Garrison, NY

Backroom Buddies Mug / Marty - Santa Fe, NM

Daddy Bear Print / Joe & Andy - New Paltz, NY

Human Mug & Dicks Mousepad / Diego's traveling office kit - Belgrade Lakes, ME

Slut Print / Alex - Berlin, Germany

Dicks Print / Denis - Montreal, Canada

Little Slut Towel / Chad - Palm Springs, CA

Marco Mousepad / Bob - Chelsea, NYC

Human Beach Towel / Dexter & Girl - Garrison, NY

Mates Prints / Carl & Diego - Lisbon, Portugal

Briefs Mug / Jeff & Calvin - Raleigh, NC

Marco print / Jordan - Greenwich Village, NYC

Jocks N' Socks Print / Rob - Chelsea, NYC

Heyboy home office (& sample room) / Greenwich Village, NYC